Sit and Spin


Note: I did not date this Mission Journal entry but it was written less than a week ago and today’s date is 2017 CE 15-May.

When I was a kid, once in a while I’d come across one of these. Never had one of my own but I remember being small enough to get on one of these contraptions and spinning for all of one minute if that. It was boring and made me dizzy which caused me to be nauseous. Not. For. Me.

Yet sometimes I sit (or pace) and just spin the same thoughts over and over again. And, I get bored and have stomach problems. Sit and spin. You can do it on a plastic toy or you can spend what you’ve defined as “too much time” sitting/pacing and spinning as an adult.

Fact is, I don’t know what to do to keep on surviving. I don’t want to die or commit suicide but I have problems that, if not dealt with, will result in pain and eventual death. But that’s true for everyone.

Right now I’m watching something related to my meditation. That is a prime example ofย not sitting and spinning. It’s just sitting and existing/watching/being.

It’s 1:41 PM


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