When asked what I wanted to be, at the ages of 5 and 6, I prophetically declared Astronaut, and Queen as my future titles. Later, I realized at the very least, I could consider myself the ruler of mySelf on a mission here on Planet Earth to explore (inner and outer, physical and cyber) space. I also realized I didn’t actually want to be an astronaut. I just wanted to go somewhere else other than Planet Earth and I liked (and still like) the feeling of floating weightlessly (who doesn’t?).

Recorded here are my Mission Journals even though I seem to have lost my Mission Orders long before I could remember losing them. Part of my journey here on Planet Earth is to try to recover them or at least discover them in the inner space within.

I invite you to join me during my journey through space and share with me your journey as a fellow Space Traveler and King/Queen.


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