Q: What is this?

A: The Astronaut Queen (TAQ) is a semi-autobiographical character created by a fictional character based on the life of a real human experimenting with self-publishing an online journal based in fact but also imagined analogizing life on earth to an astronaut’s mission.

Q: Did anyone actually ask you what this blog is?

A: No. I wanted to do a FAQ and I figured that’d be my first question if I were to have happened upon this blog.

Q: What other questions would you have if just found this blog today, June 16, 2017?

A: I’d want to know how old the person was who was writing this, their gender, where they were born, where they grew up, where they live now, if they’re married, if they have kids and lots of other stuff like that.

Q: So, why not write down those questions and answer them?

A: Because I would like to stay as anonymous as possible.

Q: Why do you want to be anonymous?

A: I believe everyone should have a private, anonymous place online that only other anonymous people online know you because that affords us the opportunity to be even more honest than we would if we, for example, knew co-workers, relatives, neighbors, fans (if we have them) etc. could possibly see. And because I’ve been stalked before.

Q: So your fellow Astronaut Kings, Queens, and Space Explorers (i.e. readers) will never be able to know vital stats about you or see you?

A: Not at the present moment (June 16, 2017 at 1:54 PM) but that may change at any given time.

Q: Last question: Did you write all of these questions and answer them yourself?

A: Yes. I sometimes consider myself quite clever despite Tyler Durden’s warning.

Q: That made me think of another question: Are you a fictional character like Tyler?

A: We are all fictional characters because our characters (personalities) are not solely who we are and it is arguable what constitutes a fact. Can our memories be trusted to be 100% historical? Of course not! So that means what we remember may or may not have been “what really happened”.

To answer your question more directly, a “real person” is typing this and Trillian Pace is a pen name for a character, The Astronaut Queen, and based on that real person’s real life with the usual details altered along with outright imagined events woven together and formed into what is known as a “journal” detailing both real and imagined events.

To answer your question continuing with our Fight Club analogy: Yes. Trillian Pace is a fictional character powered by a real person also known as a writer. And like Chuck Palahniuk, as a writer, in my work there are both real and imagined events. This would sort of like be Tyler Durden’s journal.

Also, as a writer, I do change details about real events out of respect for real people’s privacy.

Q: I think I get it. I’ll let you know if I have any more questions and let others know that if they have them, they can feel free to contact you.